Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greetings! (open link night)

Here is a prompt site for misfits. A place for amateur, or otherwise poets who would like some insight and community in which to share their words. Every Thursday we will have a prompt, a picture, song, word, etc. Along with certain challenges to perfect our wordiness. We ask that you be respectful in your contributions. I have the right to remove your content if I find it degrading, hateful, intolerant, etc. Also, contribute to the community. Look at other misfits and comment on their works. Lets me start off by inviting you to post a poem of any kind here today, and participate in our open link night. Happy Writing!!!



  1. ha. hey another open link night...smiles.

    thanks for the invite, will pop in once you are up and running...

  2. You are welcome. Spread the word if you would. The only way this is successful is with community